Scan to the Cloud: New Functionality Lets You Store, Share and Access Documents Anywhere… and We Launched Our First Official App for the iPad and iPhone Too

Monday, October 24, 2011
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Hi folks! We’re excited to let you know we’ve added some cool new functionality to ScanSnap allowing users to upload scanned documents to an even wider range of cloud-based services. Starting today, S1500, S1500M, S1300 and S1100 users can now scan documents directly to Salesforce Chatter and SugarSync for added flexibility to store, share and access your paperwork personally or professionally.

We also launched our first official app for both the iPad and iPhone. The new app, “ScanSnap Connect,” is free and gives you a convenient way to capture and access scanned documents from virtually anywhere, and organizations a flexible solution to assist with collaboration between colleagues and business partners. You can download ScanSnap Connect through the iTunes App Store.

So, if you own a ScanSnap S1500, S1500M, S1300 or S1100, how can you take advantage of these new cloud capabilities? All you need to do is update your existing software using the built-in online update feature accessible from the ScanSnap icon help menu that resides in the task tray or dock. Once updated, new “Scan-to” icons will appear in the Quick Menu and you’ll be ready to send your digital documents to these widely popular services. Detailed instructions can also be found here.

And, as a reminder, the Salesforce Chatter and SugarSync capabilities add to the existing cloud services supported by ScanSnap, including Evernote and Google Docs. Below is additional information on all these services and how you can use them to be even more productive and paperless virtually anywhere:

Scan to Mobile: The new free “ScanSnap Connect” app is now available from the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone running iOS 4.2.1 or later. With Scan to Mobile on your Mac or PC and ScanSnap Connect on your iPhone or iPad, you can now send scanned content directly to your mobile device using your WiFi connection.

Scan to Salesforce Chatter: Scan various customer-related documents with ScanSnap and save the image data to the powerful online collaboration tool Salesforce Chatter. This function, when combined with CardMinder’s contact creation feature, enables you to efficiently collect and share digitized paperwork across an enterprise.

Scan to SugarSync: Stay connected with your documents wherever you go with SugarSync, one of today’s premier online cloud storage services. Through file syncing, this service can backup scanned documents as you save them to your PC or Mac for convenient data archiving.

Scan to Evernote: Evernote is your “external brain.” Anything you put there will be synchronized and accessible to you from any supported computer or mobile device making it even easier to find your scanned paperwork.

Scan to Google Docs: Google Docs makes sharing and collaboration of various digital documents easy, but when it comes to paper documents, getting that information from the desktop to Google Docs can be a hassle. With ScanSnap, you can add scan-to-Google Docs capability, so you can quickly and easily scan and upload all of your paper documents into Google Docs.

Scan to SalesForce with CardMinder for Windows (only applicable for the S1500, S1300 and S1100): Transforming business cards into sales prospects is easier than ever with ScanSnap and Salesforce. The combination of these tools creates a powerful all-in-one cloud solution that helps improve work efficiency and data accuracy for businesses. CardMinder business card software, which comes packaged with ScanSnap, captures the image, extracts the information into editable fields, and creates new leads and contacts directly into your ultimate or enterprise Salesforce account.

Continue to check back in on the ScanSnap Community for more tips and tricks on how consumers and businesses can take advantage of these capabilities for a more productive, versatile scanning experience.

Michael Sidejas
Product Marketing Manager
Fujitsu Computer Product of America, Inc.