Can I run more than one ScanSnap scanner on the same computer system?

Monday, October 18, 2010
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If you have more than one ScanSnap model you may be wondering if you can run more than one scanner on the same computer system. The short answer? Yes, you can – and here’s how:

Let’s say you have a S510 at one location and a S1500 at another, you can install the S1500 driver – which is backwards compatible – to the earlier ScanSnap models down to the S300. If you already own a S510, or another earlier model and acquired a S1500 later, then you will need to remove the S510 driver and install the newer S1500 one. Once you do that, you will be able to use both scanners on one system.

This is also true for the ScanSnap Mac versions. If you have already transitioned to O/S 10.6 Snow Leopard then follow the instructions for applying the Snow Leopard patch to the S1500M driver. You do not need to run the patch for the other ScanSnap Mac models.

The following is a list of combinations that can work on the same system when you install the driver of the first unit:


S1300* –> S1500 –> S510 –> S500 –> S300

S1500* –> S510 –> S500 –> S300

S300* –> S510 –> S500

S510* –> S500


S1300* –> S1500M –> S510M –> S500M –> S300M

S1500M* –> S510M –> S500M –> S300M

S300M* –> S510M –> S500M

S510M* –> S500M

*First unit

Ken W.
Staff Technical Support Engineer
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.